Local Community Histories

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Acton: The Historical Town of Acton

“For almost 150 years this place has been called Acton…”; a history of Acton from its settlement in 1825 by saddlebag preachers to its recent theme of “Leathertown”.

Ashgrove: The Historical Hamlet of Ashgrove

“Ashgrove…has been the hub of a thriving community since 1820. …It was first known as Leonard’s Corners…local people named it Ashgrove for the grove of black ash there.”

Ballinafad: The Historical Hamlet of Ballinafad

“…pioneers quickly decided to build a Meeting house to ensure visits from saddlebag Methodist preachers. A log cabin was built about 1825, becoming the centre of what would be called Ballinafad.

Georgetown: Historic Georgetown

“From the days of the pioneers, Georgetown grew rapidly into an important community. Nearly 700 had arrived by 1845 and when Georgetown was finally incorporated as a village in 1864, there were about 1,400 people, rivalling Oakville as the largest community in Halton County. Over the following century the community grew steadily, becoming a town in 1922.”

Glen Williams: Historical Glen Williams

“Today the “perfect oasis” takes considerable pride in its legacy of well-constructed buildings, its long manufacturing history and its sense of community…the spirit of community, the relaxed village pace, and the convenience to many larger centres have led many others to to call “The Glen” home!”

Limehouse: The Historic Village of Limehouse

“Limehouse was a busy community with three hotels, three stores, several mills and a prosperous lime industry…With the loss of the mills in the fire and the closing of the lime kilns and the quarries, most industry in Limehouse ended. The village retreated to its pleasant, quiet and friendly atmosphere, no longer in the “lime light!”

Norval: Norval on the Credit

“Lieutenant Governor Maitland named two of the townships, Chinguacousy and Esquesing, names used by the Mississauga Indians; Norval is in both townships…Tradition says the name came from the Scottish play “Douglas”, by John Home. “My name is Norval; on the Grampian Hills.” “

Speyside: Historic Speyside

“Today, what was once the thriving village of Speyside is simply a corner store and a sign on Highway #25, at #15 Sideroad, half way between the towns of Acton and Milton, Ontario. A century ago, the picture was very different – Speyside was a living, breathing vibrant community.”

Terra Cotta: The Historic Village of Terra Cotta

“The blessings of nature have always stood Terra Cotta in good stead. The abundant salmon, the thick limestone deposits, the rich deep clay, the winding river with bountiful flora and fauna have provided a living for many through the years. The story of this verdant valley is far from over!