Know Your Rights with DUI Lawyers Toronto

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If you have been charged with DUI it is a very serious matter. Criminal matters in Canada are governed by Criminal Code of Canada and a person can face serious penalties like fine and a jail term for a DUI offense.

As the outcome of a DUI charge can be very serious and can make a huge impact on the life of person. For example, DUI charges can prevent a person to get a job in the future. So as soon as you are charged with DUI in Toronto, you should consult DUI lawyers Toronto. Basically, when you have a good DUI lawyer by your side, it can help you to avoid getting convicted for a crime which you may have not committed. Moreover, the lawyer can also help clients in reducing their penalties.

DUI lawyers Toronto

DUI Offense

For a DUI offense, the Criminal Code offers strict punishment. Apart from a fine of $1000 for a first offense and a criminal conviction getting registered, a person may be subjected to a jail term for a period of 30 days to 120 days. In fact, a DUI conviction also restricts a driver from driving for a certain period of time.

Help You Know Your Rights

Amidst all these, a person when arrested for a DUI starts to panic and forget that they have certain rights. The rights can protect them from peremptory and unreasonable exercise of power.  If the concerned authority breaches the Charter Rights, the illegally obtained evidence can be excluded from the trial. Hence, many people fail to understand their rights. This is why seeking the help of a DUI lawyers Toronto is very helpful.

Rights of a Person

Canadians getting pulled over by the police in their car is a very common experience. Many people aren’t aware of the rights of the police limited to. For example, the police have the right to stop a car for checking the license or for the registration. But this does not give a police the right to conduct a wholesale search.

Thus, DUI lawyers Toronto can help a person to know some of their rights inside their car. In fact, the lawyer will also ensure that the rights remain protected throughout the investigation process.DUI lawyer in Toronto

One important legal right of a convict is to remain silent. If a police officer pulls over the car, only basic information can be provided to the police. Questions related to drinking shouldn’t be answered until you have a lawyer by your side.

Another important right is refusing to be a part of any breath tests or sobriety test. In fact, a person has the right to choose between a breath and blood test. One has the right to get their blood test re-tested.

If the police officers fail to show a probable cause of arrest for a DUI offense, DUI lawyers Toronto can prove that the observation of the investigating officer isn’t enough to show any impairment. Thereby, lawyers help a person to get back their right to drive vehicle.

When charged with a DUI offense in any part of Toronto, you should consult a DUI attorney. They can help clients to navigate through the situation and protect their rights.