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Toronto Employment Lawyer Explains the Ontario Employment Laws

Are you employed with one of the reputed firms in Toronto? One of the question that most employees come up with is ‘whether they need to take the help of an employment lawyer or not?’ The answer is an absolute yes. Hiring and working with a Toronto employment lawyer is an absolute necessary in order to understand the legal rights of the employee at their workplace. In fact, employment lawyer represents employee as well as employers in the court of law. Thereby, ensures the aggrieved party gets proper justice.

Why Need An Employment Attorney?

There may be times when an employee needs to settle any kind of dispute with former or current employer. Or, sometimes one may need certain kind of advice related to employment matters. Hence, an employment lawyer will try to give advice to both employers and employees as per the legal standards laid down by the state or central government.

In fact, a Toronto employment lawyer can also explain the Ontario employment laws to the employees in a very easy way. In short it can be said that the lawyer will see to it that any employee is not subjected to any form of injustice like wrongful dismissal or suspension without pay and so on.

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Employment Lawyers Can Help To Understand Employment Laws in Ontario

Employment lawyers can play a huge role during the hiring process, by trying to focus on the Ontario Human Rights Code. Employment attorney knows it very well that hiring process is very important. Thus, they take integral part within the entire process starting from job posting to signing of the employment contract.

Employment Contract

An employee is provided with a wide range of documents to sign. Once a person signs the contract they are bound to abide by the terms. However, sometimes the employer may not follow it and may dismiss an employee in a wrong way. In case they feel that their employer didn’t follow the terms, the Toronto employment lawyer can help the client to file a case against the employer.

Understand Changes of Ontario Employment Law

Any good Toronto employment lawyer can help employees to understand the labor and employment law of Ontario province. The proposed changes that have been brought about are clearly mentioned. They are:

  • Raising the general minimum wage to $15 an hour by 1ST January, 2019.
  • Allowing unions to have access to employee list and also information so that they can provide support for the proposed bargaining.
  • Increasing penalties in case of any violation for Labor Relations Act.
  • Improvement of the employment standard to a minimum level.


Minimum Standards of Employment

All Canadian provinces have laid out minimum standards of employment that is basically governed by the basic terms and conditions. In Ontario, the minimum standards of employment are governed by the ESA. Any good Toronto employment lawyer will ensure the basic standard like 8 hours of work per day is maintained or employees should receive minimum wage of $10.25 and $9.60 (for students). Also, an employee is not wrongly terminated.

The lawyer can take appropriate steps in case if the basic standards are not maintained. Thus, ensuring employees get fair justice.