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How to hire the Right Private Investigator

Speaking with an investigator in Trustify’s network we got to know what a private investigator can and cannot do on his job and here is the list:

No breaking the law

The law for a private investigator is no different than it is for a nurse or a teacher. Though they have their own techniques they employ for investigation but always within the law.private investigation toronto

Is stalking a part of his duty

A private investigation Toronto can conduct a surveillance with the proper details that can suffice his investigation process but within the limits of the law. He cannot be a trespasser on a person’s private property because he has the same rights as any other citizen. He can also take photos when the person is out in a public area but not when he or she is indoor as that would technically come under trespassing.

Is GPS helpful to him?

Of course, a private investigation Toronto can us GPS on his subject as it is allowed by the law, but it also has to be permitted by his party. Not without their consent.

Hacking his subjects phone or social platform

Hacking is an illegal thing and so it is for an investigator too even if he is an expert in that. He is permitted only in a case where his party allows him.

Going through his subject’s bank records

Bank records are generally the most protected and secured form of information. Even if a private investigation Toronto finds a way out to this part of the information, it is clearly illegal to attain information on a person’s bank account details or balance statement.

Getting travel information like hotel bookings or flight reservations

An investigator can derive such information but it is more than difficult to attain them since it all depends upon the concerned hotel or organization.

Getting information on medical reports

It is strictly illegal to follow medical records of a person, though it is not very difficult to achieve them if you have the proper source. On the other hand, medical information is not taken into consideration in the court of law.

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Can private investigators work with the police in collaboration?

Private investigators carry out their own investigation, they are allowed to question people but not under strict circumstances as the police. The police, on the other hand, do consider an investigator’s statement since both parties are working towards the same purpose. In many cases, they work hand in hand.

Is online information helpful to an investigator?

Private investigators have various databases in which web search and social media plays quite a vital role. Generally, a good private investigation Toronto has his data ready but a lot is out on the web and this is where his expertise counts.

When hiring a private investigator to consider the following points:

  • Prefer a licensed investigator and tell him every bit of your information, that way you will save time and the case can be resolved quickly.
  • Question and answer may be both ways between you and hi, but the ultimatum is to reach the truth.